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Apostle White was born and raised in Shreveport, LA. He grew up in the Cooper Road Area. At an Early Age, he had an encounter with God and he knew as a child that he was called to preach God's word.

After 32 years of living a life of doing whatever he wanted to do in the streets, outside of God's will, he finally accepted his calling, after becoming very ill, and facing death. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and soon after that accepted his call into the Ministry.

He preached his first sermon on June 12, 2006, later becoming an Assistant Pastor and a Youth Pastor. He became a Senior Pastor after the Lord led him to start a church in his home. From that point, the church was eventually established in a building. In 2015, Apostle White and Pastor Wanda White was led by the Lord to start a church in Irving, Texas.

Soon after that, Apostle White was Officially ordained as an Apostle after Serving many years as a Pastor. And has recently in 2020, has transitioned from the church to the ministry to be more effective outside of the four walls of the church. In 2017, they had a show on Fishbowl Radio Network called Inner Court Discussion, which became a very successful Gospel Radio Show.

The following year, he stepped out on faith and started a 24/7 streaming Live service under Fishbowl Radio Network. And received an 2018 Honoree Award.

After the Corona Virus Outbreak, he had to make decisions like many of us had to and part of that decision was to transition from the church into the ministry full time and also giving up the 24/7 Live stream and returning to record live from the Studios of Fishbowl Radio Network with a new name for his show, which is International House of Prayer Ministries Radio Broadcast. He is excited to be back and for the next chapter of his life. And he is also excited to be in the Apostolic Ministry Full-time. 


Pastor Wanda White Co-Pastor with her husband at International House of Prayer in Shreveport, Louisiana and Irving, Texas. She was born and raised in Shreveport, LA. Her parents are Isaac and Barbara James.  She has five siblings, three sisters and two brothers.


Wanda married her husband Apostle Brancy White in August of 2003, and they have 6 children between the two of them, and 6 Grand Children.


After being filled with the Holy Spirit in 2004, her hunger increased for God. Pastor Wanda accepted her calling in October, 2007. She preached her first sermon on December 28, 2007 and became a licensed minister. She was also ordained a year later as a pastor under Drs. Renny and Marina McLean of Renny McLean Ministries.     


Pastor Wanda attend Louisiana Tech University, LSUS and Southern University. She is a Notary republic of Texas. Pastor Wanda has also seen an increase in revelation and power in the ministry. She also started a women's group, The Dimensional Women, which deals with women's issues and Deliverance. Pastor White is also an author on the book Journey to Inner Healing, “Restoration of Self”. 

After transitioning to the Ministry in 2020. Pastor Wanda White started a Blog called About your dreams. (  Where she tackles all of the questions that people have about their dreams that they don't understand. She also works along side of her Husband with International House of Prayer Ministries


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